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Room-to-Room Remodeling

Specialty Project, Saline, Michigan

A Saline couple enlisted HSA for a range of home improvements and updates. First, we removed the carpet from the living room and hall, and installed in its place full-thickness oak hardwood flooring with onsite finishing using a custom stain. We then repainted the living room’s walls and trim. The foyer’s tile was replaced with a larger, more natural-looking slate.

The first floor guest bathroom was updated with new floor tile and a new toilet and faucets. We replaced the vanity with a Diamond, Distinction, Cherry cabinet and a cultured granite counter – both from First Design Cabinetry, HSA’s sister company also based in Saline.

The master bathroom’s shower had developed problems over the years, and the shower door was dated. HSA removed the existing shower pan and the first row of wall tiles, and then installed a new tile pan. We were able to locate replacement tiles for the lower portion of the shower to match the existing tiles. A new shower door from Washtenaw Glass was installed along with a new toilet and lavatory faucet.

The final steps were to repaint much of the rest of the rooms in the house. The result is a home that better represents the wishes of the owners. They are very happy with the outcome.

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