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First-Floor Access

Aging In Place, Milan, Michigan

This remodel for a pair of homeowners in Milan, Michigan, involved only modest changes to the first-floor bathroom, but it had a significant impact on the couple, as the husband was no longer able to climb the stairs to use the second-floor shower. Click on the photos for more information.

Project Details:

HSA also installed a ramp at the bathroom entry door to overcome the change in elevation created when the tile floor was installed some years ago. This too was a relatively minor change, but it eliminated the need to bump the husband’s wheelchair over the threshold. This had been an uncomfortable task for the husband, and was difficult for the person moving the chair.

HSA was able to remove the existing tub, and the tile surrounding it, without damaging the tile floor. We then installed a molded shower, with pressure and temperature-controlled water flow to the showerhead, which is on a slide bar for easy positioning. No more need for sponge baths in the first-floor bathroom.