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Better Bathroom Accessibility

Bathroom Remodel, Ypsilanti, Michigan

HSA modified a master bathroom in an Ypsilanti home to provide better accessibility for a gentleman who had suffered a stroke, which limited his mobility.

The existing molded shower unit and doors were removed because the shower had a 8-inch sill he could not step over. A tile shower with a zero sill was installed, with a hand- held showerhead, assist bars, and a recess for soap and shampoo.

A shower curtain was provided, rather than the sliding glass doors, to provide more room for entry and to make it easier for his healthcare worker to assist with showering.

The white strip on the floor serves two purposes: it identifies the edge of the shower, and it is flexible so that a wheelchair can be rolled over it, while still being able to help keep water confined within the shower.

The toilet was replaced with a comfort-height unit and a quiet-close lid, with the added benefit of reducing water usage.

The entry door to the bathroom was also removed to provide a wider doorway for access and more room within the bathroom. The door had swung into the bathroom, making it impossible to close while using a wheelchair. The door hinges were left in place so the door could be re-installed if desired, when the gentleman’s mobility returned.

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