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A Better Bathroom – Times Two

Bathroom Remodel, Saline, Michigan

The bathrooms in this home in the Warner Creek subdivision, just west of Saline, were ready for updating. HSA – along with our sister company First Design Cabinetry – worked with the homeowners to develop designs, determine material specifications, and set the budget and schedule for remodeling both the master bath and the main bathroom.

First priority was the master bath. It had the standard layout for homes in this subdivision, from when they were built, but it now lacked many of the amenities of today’s bathrooms. Full-height walls divided the space around the toilet and tub/shower; this made the bathroom feel small and dark. The adjacent walk-in closet had a hinged entry door, which required you to close the door behind you to access all of the closet storage area.

HSA removed all interior components with one exception: the vanity cabinets, which the homeowners wanted to reuse. Reducing the height of the wall between the toilet compartment and vanity has allowed more light from the window to enter the bathroom. This has also made the bathroom seem larger because the eye can now see all the way to the exterior wall instead of stopping at the toilet compartment. The soffit over the tub was removed, and the wall at the head end was lowered from 96 inches to 84 inches – again, to generate a feeling of more space.

The hinged door to the walk-in closet was removed, and a custom sliding door was installed on the closet wall’s exterior. This has not only freed up more space within the closet, but has also made it much easier for a second person to enter the closet while someone else was at the vanity.

A walk-in shower with a lowered threshold and a bench was installed. It features a tumbled stone floor, tile walls with accent bands, oil-rubbed bronze fixtures, and a frameless hinged shower door. A recess was built into one of the walls for storage of soap, shampoo, and other bath items. The tile and accent bands were also carried through around the toilet compartment. The entire bathroom floor was tiled to match.

A new counter with molded-in sinks was installed with oil-rubbed bronze faucets to match the shower. A new comfort-height toilet, a new light fixture, and new paint completed the upgrade. The homeowners were delighted with the result.

With the master bath completed, it was on to the main bath. This had a molded tub/shower across one end and a small vanity at the other end, with the toilet in between. As with the master bath, the homeowners wanted the space to feel larger and function better – without changing the size of the room.

Again, HSA removed all interior components. This included the soffit over the tub/shower, making the space seem larger. A Kohler tub was installed with the shower surround-tiled with subway tiles including an accent band. A custom apron allowed the front of the tub to enjoy the same tile treatment. The entire bathroom floor, including the adjacent closets, was then tiled.

First Design Cabinetry provides a larger vanity without needing to relocate the toilet. A vanity and wall cabinet in Diamond Distinction maple with a chocolate finish was selected to emphasize the clear glass vessel and polished chrome faucet. The vanity counter was tiled as well with a taller-than-normal splash to match the height of the faucet. This tile work required use of three different-sized tiles, and combined the accent stripe tile from the shower surround with glass tiles.

Painting, along with the addition of a comfort-height toilet, new lighting, and a mirror, completed main bathroom’s transformation.

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