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A Taste of the Old West

Specialty Project, Saline, Michigan

Mark Schlicher of Saline selected HSA to create an Old West-style ranch sign and install it near the start of his home’s driveway as a birthday surprise for his wife Diane.

HSA helped Mark design the sign, and we found the cedar logs required. An Ann Arbor metalworking company, under contract to HSA, fabricated the overhanging “Dillon Ranch” insignia in raw metal. We then cleaned up and finished all materials.

The sign’s installation happened while the Schlichers were away for a week of vacation. Rainy weather complicated matters, but HSA got the job done on time.

When the Schlichers returned, Diane was thrilled with what she saw. In a letter to HSA, Mark wrote: “Diane’s reaction was special for me. She likes it! I am grateful to you for that moment.”

Construction Photos: