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May 2, 2017

Modernized with a touch of Nostalgia

This project, in the Saline, Mi. area, suffered from the same issues many from this time period do. In the 1950’s and 60’s, folks wanted to have privacy in their kitchens. Today, we feel the need to include our guests in the cooking process, entertaining as we create the night’s meal.


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February 8, 2016

An aging ranch becomes accessible

This home is in the Saline, Michigan area. Our client, a Vietnam veteran, suffers from MS. We had previously moved the laundry from the basement to one of the ground floor bedrooms. This phase of work helped to insure the owners would be able to stay in their home, safely and comfortably. One of the major issues was two sunken floors at the main entryways, one at the garage entry, and the other in the front foyer. The stairway to the basement was also impacted by the raising of the garage entrance floor, and had to be extended and raised. Both doors were also elevated, and a wider, low stair was added at the main entry. The fireplace and hearth was a safety issue as well. We removed it entirely, sealed off the fireplace, and finished the wall and ceiling. A dividing wall was removed to open up the space between the kitchen and hallway, and laminate floors were installed throughout to create one level surface. We are proud to have completed this project for one of our local armed forces veterans. Thank you for your service Curt!


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December 8, 2015

Add size, comfort, and value to your home

HSA transformed the basement in this home into a warm, comfortable living space. Located in Pittsfield Township in Washtenaw County, this is a new home with a growing family in need of the extra living area. One staircase wall was opened up in a creative way to allow the clients and their guests a view of the room as they descend the stairs. A bathroom was added, which required breaking up the concrete to reconfigure the underground plumbing. Ceramic tile was used for the bath floor, and we created a beautiful walk in shower, with a great tile schematic chosen by our client.  We also added a bedroom and walk in closet, where an egress window had been installed in expectation of use as such. Storage is always something that has to be taken into consideration when finishing a basement, as that is the space most often used for it. We created two separate storage areas, one with a standard 36 inch door, and one with a five foot wide door for the larger items. The support columns were wrapped in wood, the edges softened for safety, and painted. Carpet was installed throughout the main area, stairs, and bedroom for comfort. This project added the perfect space for the homeowner and their family, increasing the living area by 1350 square feet.


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June 18, 2015


The existing combination utility and laundry room was a very unpleasant space with exposed pipes, drains, framing and electrical, a room that was only entered when absolutely necessary.  The clients asked HSA to help design a bathroom in this area.


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May 4, 2015


This Client has an elderly mother living with them who began to have difficulty traversing the stairs to her second floor bedroom. David Rhoads of HSA Remodeling in Saline was called in to help resolve that issue. The Client’s first thought was to install a stair lift device but that still didn’t resolve the small bathroom which she used, nor did it help to meet their desire for her to interact freely with other family members.

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May 1, 2015


The Master Bath in Ann Arbor, Michigan had several deficiencies; a cramped toilet cubicle which made it difficult to reach the shower, dark cabinets and overall the bathroom was poorly designed and too small


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January 29, 2015

Travis Pointe Kitchen Remodel

This home in the Travis Pointe development located in Saline, Michigan was badly in need of updating to serve the needs of the new owners. They were referred to HSA Remodeling for our design services and to complete the construction and installation of the materials.

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January 26, 2015


In recognition of this momentous event, HSA Remodeling and its sister company First Design Cabinetry, will provide every 2015 client an opportunity to receive back 30% of their project cost, up to $10,000.

This will be done by holding a celebration party in January 2016 where every client will have their name entered into a drawing. A non-partisan person will then draw the winning name and a check will be written to the winner at that time. One does not have to be present to win.

Clients who have signed contracts with either HSA Remodeling or First Design Cabinetry but whose work has not yet been completed will also be entered in the drawing. If their name is drawn the check will be held until the project is completed according to the terms of the contract.

Amounts paid directly to HSA Remodeling or First Design Cabinetry will be used to determine the value of the amount returned, up to $10,000, to the winning project. Clients who contract for more than one project during the year will be entered for each project undertaken.

“We have been pleased and honored to serve the area’s homeowners with remodels and additions for the last 30 years,” said David Rhoads, founder, owner and president. “It is our loyal clients who have made our success possible. We can think of no better way to celebrate our 30th anniversary than to provide our clients with the opportunity for a significant reward.”

August 29, 2014

Kitchen Work Extends to Family Room, Laundry, Mudroom, and Half Bath

An Ann Arbor-area home, more than 40 years old, has served its owners well, but was in need of a serious update – not just to improve the interior appearance, but also to make it work better for the current owners. The project started as a kitchen remodel. Soon, the owners were so pleased with HSA’s work, they asked us to add, first, the family room to the project – and then the laundry, mudroom, and half bath. Cabinets came from our sister company, First Design Cabinetry, also headquartered in Saline.

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June 10, 2014

Needing to Repair Their Kitchen, Owners Opt for a Complete Re-do

kitchen15-landingWater damage from a burst pipe necessitated the kitchen’s replacement in this Saline bungalow. The homeowners decided to rethink their kitchen in the process. They looked to HSA for the redesign. We removed soffits and relocated appliances to open space for new cabinets and countertops. This also visually expanded the kitchen. Cabinets came from First Design Cabinetry, HSA’s sister company, also based in Saline.
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March 11, 2014

Kitchen and Dining Room Combine in One Wide-Open Space

kitchen14-landingAn Ann Arbor-area pair had finally found the home they wanted, at a price they could afford… but for one thing: the galley kitchen. It was too confining, and it was separated from the dining room by a full-height wall. HSA helped the homeowners develop a plan to remove the wall, transfer loads, extend the wood floor, and reposition some cabinets and the refrigerator. An island was created with new cabinets from HSA’s sister company, First Design Cabinetry. The island’s granite was then extended into the dining area. The owners are now looking forward to entertaining friends in their newly combined and opened-up kitchen and dining area.
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January 30, 2014

HSA’s Challenge: Add a Master Bath to History

bathroom14-landingThe owners of a historic home in Saline, Michigan seriously needed a second bathroom to accommodate themselves and their two children. The challenge: to add a new master bath without compromising the home’s architectural heritage. David Rhoads, HSA’s owner and president, helped the homeowners find a solution. A past member of Saline’s Historic District Commission, David devised a creative way to add space for the new bath in a way barely noticeable from outside the home. The owners are delighted with the addition, which features a vanity from First Design Cabinetry, HSA’s sister company, also based in Saline.
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November 27, 2013

A Master Bath Made Much More Inviting by HSA

bathroom13-landingThis three-quarter master bath with a molded shower and a variety of colors and textures had become dated. It sorely needed refreshing. The Saine-area homeowner didn’t want to enlarge the space, but did want to make it more inviting. HSA assisted with the design and selection of materials, and handled all installation and construction. Materials include Diamond Vibe cabinets from First Design Cabinetry, HSA’s sister company also located in Saline.
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October 9, 2013

HSA Opens Up Saline Home’s Kitchen, Dining, and Living Areas

kitchen13-landingA recently married couple, combining households, wanted a more open arrangement for their Saline area home’s kitchen, dining area, and living room. They also wished to update some of their cabinetry and appliances. HSA worked with the homeowners to select just the right cabinets from our sister company, First Design Cabinetry, and to determine which walls could be most easily moved. The remodeling project’s result: an open, inviting, and light-filled space. For the happy homeowners, this has made the space seem twice as large.
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September 13, 2013

HSA Helps People with Parkinson’s Remain Mobile in Their Homes

How do people with Parkinson’s disease stay up and about and moving freely within their homes? David Rhoads – the owner and president of Homeowner Services of America (HSA) – recently presented on home modifications to a Parkinson’s support group.

Rhoads, a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS), addressed the group on Friday, August 30 in the Rachel Upjohn Building at the University of Michigan’s East Ann Arbor Health and Geriatrics Center on Plymouth Road. Attendees gained insights on planning for their home’s continued comfort and safety. Examples were drawn from HSA’s extensive experience in remodeling homes for senior citizens and others who have limited mobility.

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September 2, 2013

All It Takes Is a Day for HSA to Update Saline Home’s Kitchen

Homeowners are often amazed to learn how quickly and easily they can transform the look of their kitchen. In a Saline home, HSA recently replaced dull laminate kitchen countertops with exciting White Birch granite – all in a single day. The kitchen now feels brightened and reborn. See a portfolio of HSA’s kitchen remodeling projects »

August 6, 2013

Ann Arbor Couple Love New Master Bath Built by HSA

bathroom12-landingHSA recently constructed a replacement master bathroom for an Ann Arbor couple. The existing bath was not only dated, but had been poorly designed to begin with. We met with the homeowners to develop the design and to help select materials. These included cabinets from our sister company, First Design Cabinetry. The homeowners, pleased with the outcome, wrote to us: “We have had work done before, but we never had such a wonderful team.”

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June 26, 2013

HSA Makes Small Space Work in Galley Kitchen Remodel

kitchen12-landingA home doesn’t need a large kitchen to make a statement. Consider, for example, the galley kitchen that HSA recently remodeled for a homeowner in the Ypsilanti area. New cabinets and countertops – plus a pull-out pantry and a relocated garage-entry door and heating unit – now make optimal use of this compact space. Sometimes it’s the limitations that bring creativity.

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May 30, 2013

HSA’s David Rhoads Is Now Serving as HBA Regional VP

David Rhoads – the founder, owner, and president of Homeowner Services of America, Inc. – is serving now as the Region VII Vice President of the Home Builders Association of Michigan. Rhoads represents Southeastern Michigan, including Lenawee and Monroe Counties and the Ann Arbor area.

HBA Regional Vice Presidents are elected by the director members from their region to communicate problems or concerns to the state and to transmit state issues to the region.

Rhoads also owns and operates HSA’s sister company, First Design Cabinetry. Both companies are headquartered in Saline, Michigan.

April 12, 2013

When Bathroom Space Is Tight, HSA Gets Creative

bathroom11-landingA homeowner in Manchester, Michigan had a master bathroom in urgent need of updating, but thought the tight space couldn’t be enlarged. Then HSA worked our magic. We devised a way to use some of the master bathroom’s space for the bathroom’s expansion. This, plus the key upgrades we made to the bathroom’s entryway, fixtures, vanity, shower, ceiling, tiles, and more, resulted in a delighted homeowner, ready to remodel the home’s other bathroom as well.
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February 6, 2013

A Better Bathroom – Times Two

bathroom10-landingThe owners of a home in the Warner Creek subdivision, just west of Saline, were ready to remodel their master and main bathrooms. The baths hadn’t been updated since the home was built. HSA – along with our sister company First Design Cabinetry – worked with the homeowners to develop designs, determine material specifications, and set the budget and schedule for the remodeling project. The homeowners have been delighted with the results.

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December 19, 2012

HSA Takes New Home’s Kitchen from “Builder-Grade” to Family-Friendly

kitchen11-landingA Saline family purchased a new home, even though they didn’t particularly like its “builder-grade” kitchen cabinets, because the home had become available at just the time they needed to move. Shortly after moving in, the homeowners had Homeowner Services of America construct a bedroom in the basement. Happy with the basement result, the homeowners then got back in touch with us, and working with our sister company, First Design Cabinetry, we also helped them upgrade the kitchen. The result is a warmer, more comfortable, better-working kitchen for this active family.
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November 30, 2012

HSA’s Plate Piled High with Year-end and New-year Projects

As we’ve passed Thanksgiving and the year-end holidays approach, we at Homeowner Services of America find ourselves as busy as can be. And thankful for it!

We’re working on a kitchen in Tecumseh, another kitchen in Saline, a bathroom in Ann Arbor, and two more bathrooms in Saline. This is in addition to some general updating and fixing up of a home in Ann Arbor, which has just changed ownership. Plus we continue work on a second-floor addition and expansion of another Ann Arbor home. Photos and descriptions of selected current projects are soon to come.

Looking ahead, we have a home remodel in Ann Arbor, a bathroom remodel in Manchester, and a kitchen remodel in Ypsilanti under contract and ready to start in 2013.

Whew! It’s a wonder we can find time to keep our website up to date!

But don’t let that discourage you from contacting us about your own home remodeling needs. We always stand ready to bring our experience and expertise to bear on your important projects.

September 27, 2012

Purchase of Ann Arbor Home Pinned to Kitchen Remodel by HSA

A young couple, recently transferred from Australia, considered buying a home in northeast Ann Arbor, but they were concerned about the kitchen. It didn’t fit the needs of their young family. HSA quickly estimated the cost of expanding and remodeling the kitchen, to help the couple become comfortable with making an offer on the house. HSA then worked with the couple on the design and material selections while they were waiting on their home purchase to close.

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August 27, 2012

SalinePatch Readers Choose HSA as Saline’s Best Building Contractor

Readers of SalinePatch, the online newspaper, have selected Homeowner Services of America as Saline’s best building contractor. HSA outpolled three other area companies that were also nominated for the honor.

August 23, 2012

Bathroom Remodel Eases Mobility for Stroke Sufferer

HSA has modified a master bathroom in an Ypsilanti home to provide better accessibility for a gentleman who had suffered a stroke, which limited his mobility. Many important features of the bathroom – from the shower and its door, curtain, and accessories to the toilet, floor, and the bathroom’s own door – were significantly adapted. It was yet another case of HSA meeting a customer’s need for “aging in place.”

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June 28, 2012

Virtual Home Tour Showcases “Aging in Place” Remodels

The popular Remodeling website has launched the “Home for Life” Virtual Home Tour, showcasing how to remodel a home to save money and live well throughout the retirement years. David Rhoads, the founder and owner of Homeowner Services of America (HSA), has earned the Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) designation from the National Association of Home Builders. HSA specializes in aging in place, remodeling homes for senior citizens, physically challenged people, and others with special needs.

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June 19, 2012

Ann Arbor Homeowner Loves Bathroom Remodel by HSA

HSA has completed another great bathroom remodel – this time for a very satisfied client in Ann Arbor.

The homeowner, who had had a less than pleasant experience with a previous remodeler, felt very comfortable working with HSA’s David Rhoads during the design process. David worked with her to select the proper components, including colors and textures, to ensure a bathroom remodel that not only looks great but functions well.

HSA stayed on the project and maintained communication with the homeowner while she traveled out of state. When viewing the completed project upon her return, she noted how well her home had been maintained. She could not praise the workers enough, and she requested that we be available to her for the next project. She also asked for several business cards to give to her friends.

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April 25, 2012

Drivers on Michigan Avenue, Near I-94, See HSA Billboard

Have you seen HSA’s billboard? It’s on the south side of Michigan Avenue (US-12) between Munger Road and I-94. You can see it when heading toward I-94. Or … you can see it in the photo just below.


Yep, that smiling face is David Rhoads, HSA’s founder, owner, and president … AND the MAHB’s Remodeler of the Year for 2011.

The billboard went up in late March and will remain there through May. We’re getting a nice response from it. Thanks to Adams Outdoor for their help with the concept, design, and layout.

April 12, 2012

HSA Freshens Historic Saline Home’s Bathroom

Homeowner Services of America (HSA) – owned by David Rhoads, Michigan’s Remodeler of the Year for 2011 – gave a fresh look and improved efficiency to a small bathroom in a historic home in Saline, just in time. The remodel including a new shower stall and glass doors, a new pedestal sink, tiles in place of carpeting, new baseboards, a higher-efficiency toilet, and a lighter, brighter paint job.

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March 12, 2012

Current HSA Remodeling Projects Include Kitchens, Baths, and an Addition

HSA – along with our sister company, First Design Cabinetry – is busy with several sizable projects in the design and/or construction phase. Included are three kitchen remodels, two bathroom remodels, and a home addition. The homeowners are eagerly taking advantage of exciting new cabinetry, kitchen and bath fixtures, and other home remodeling products just becoming available this spring.

Want to know what else is new from HSA and FDC? See us at the Home, Garden & Lifestyle Show, to be put on by the Builders and Remodelers Association of Greater Ann Arbor (BRAG), March 16-18, at the Washtenaw Farm Council Grounds. We’ll be in Booth 89. Please stop by. We’d love to explore your home remodeling needs with you.

January 19, 2012

HSA Selected as Dealer and Installer of Best Buy Walk-in Tubs

bestbuywalkingtubsHomeowner Services of America (HSA) is now a dealer and installer of the Best Buy Walk-In Bath Tubs, commonly used by senior citizens and others whose bathroom mobility may be limited. Best Buy selected HSA because David Rhoads, our company’s owner and president, is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS), skilled in adapting homes for the safety, ease, and convenience of those with physical challenges.

“Our first installation of the Best Buy Walk-In Tub will be next month,” said David, “and the homeowner is really looking forward to it. The tub with its hydrotherapy jets will go a long way toward reducing the homeowner’s back pain.”

Best Buy Walk-In Tubs are manufactured in Texas, and come in a range of sizes and configurations. Learn more at

November 18, 2011

HSA’s David Rhoads Named MAHB’s 2011 Remodeler of the Year

David Rhoads – the founder, owner, and president of Homeowner Services of America (HSA) and First Design Cabinetry, both in Saline – has been recognized by the Michigan Association of Home Builders (MAHB) as the 2011 Remodeler of the Year. Rhoads received the honor for his commitment to the building and remodeling industry and his high level of community involvement.
Read the MAHB press release announcing the award (download PDF, 46Kb) »
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November 11, 2011

New Cabinetry Opens Space and Cuts Waste in Ann Arbor Homeowner’s Kitchen

A homeowner in Ann Arbor was unhappy with the cabinetry arrangement in her kitchen. There was a lot of wasted space. The upper cabinets blocked the view into the rest of the house. Complicating matters: The homeowner wished to install new cabinets while retaining the kitchen’s blue countertops.

HSA devised a new plan, fitting the existing footprint, using space-saving cabinetry from Diamond. The homeowner’s reaction? “We’re so happy with the new cabinets and the new layout. Everything – from the desk to the glass floors to the spices, and where our dishes can now be put – has been great. We can’t tell you how pleased we are.”

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