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HSA Selected as Dealer and Installer of Best Buy Walk-in Tubs

bestbuywalkingtubsHomeowner Services of America (HSA) is now a dealer and installer of the Best Buy Walk-In Bath Tubs, commonly used by senior citizens and others whose bathroom mobility may be limited. Best Buy selected HSA because David Rhoads, our company’s owner and president, is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS), skilled in adapting homes for the safety, ease, and convenience of those with physical challenges.

“Our first installation of the Best Buy Walk-In Tub will be next month,” said David, “and the homeowner is really looking forward to it. The tub with its hydrotherapy jets will go a long way toward reducing the homeowner’s back pain.”

Best Buy Walk-In Tubs are manufactured in Texas, and come in a range of sizes and configurations. Learn more at

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