Aging In Place – With HSA Remodel's Help

Since 1985, Homeowner Services of America (HSA) has completed over 600 remodeling projects for homeowners in Saline, Ann Arbor, and all of Washtenaw County and beyond. Many projects have included remodeling homes for the comfort and safety of senior citizens – what is commonly called “aging in place.” Check out these examples from our project portfolio:

Better Bathroom Accessibility

HSA modified a master bathroom to provide better accessibility for a gentleman who had suffered a stroke, which limited his mobility. View this aging in place project in Ypsilanti, Michigan »

The No-Fall Zone

Modifications to this home were required mainly because the husband has balance problems and has fallen several times. View this aging in place project in Ann Arbor, Michigan »

Wall-to-Wall Appeal

The shower in this wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling remodel shows how beauty need not be sacrificed for “aging in place.” View this aging in place project in Saline, Michigan »

Small but Significant Changes

None of the improvements we made here were very expensive, but they have greatly helped the owners move around the home. View this aging in place project in Plymouth, Michigan »

Mobility with Style

HSA worked precisely to open space and improve the owners’ mobility while retaining the bathroom’s fine tile work. View this aging in place project in Pittsfield Township, Michigan »

First-Floor Access

Modest changes to the first-floor bathroom helped a homeowner who could no longer climb stairs to use the second-floor shower. View this aging in place project in Milan, Michigan »